Friday, December 2, 2011

Mass Effect: Interactive Cinema

Mass Effect is one of a kind. At its heart lies fully fleshed out universe, filled with well-designed alien species, cultures, even technologies unique to the universe. Its depth and scale can rival that of Star Wars or other long-running fictional universes. That in and of itself is an incredible achievement, but it’s not all that Mass Effect has to offer.

Mass Effect 2 © 2011 EA International

In Mass Effect, you play as Commander Shepard during a time when humans have just recently made contact with a conglomerate of intelligent alien species and are attempting to gain their acceptance. It’s a very interesting take on the subject of intelligent alien life, as it deals with societal issues rather than the cliche alien invasions seen in oh so many films.

One of the best aspects of Mass Effect is its dialogue and choice system. When you think about video games, you usually don’t think of dialogue being a part of gameplay, but it is in Mass Effect. You pick what your character says, how he reacts to others, and will often be faced with choices that can change the course of the game's story.

Mass Effect 2 © 2011 EA International

When you combine Mass Effect’s incredible universe, interaction with other characters through dialogue, and choices that have real consequences, it creates a very immersive experience that just can’t be had in any other medium. Mass Effect takes the best of films and the best of games, and combines them into a work of interactive art like we’ve never seen before. It’s one of those games that could change the face of gaming forever.

Mass Effect 2 © 2011 EA International

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